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You may have heard that great copywriting can boost conversions and make serious money. But what’s the difference between a copywriter who earns a modest living and one who pulls in over $100,000 per year from their words?

The truth is, the top-paid superstar copywriters in the world leverage proven frameworks and persuasion techniques that most beginners simply don’t know.

Persuasive copywriting is the art and science of writing content that convinces readers to take action. Whether you’re writing a sales page, email, ad copy or blog post, persuasive copywriting can help boost conversions and get results.

In this post, I’ll be pulling back the curtain on 9 powerful copywriting formulas used by the highest-paid experts today. Master these little-known tricks of the trade, and you’ll instantly stand out from the competition as you build your copywriting career or scale your marketing.

1. Focus On Benefits, Not Features.

One of the most common copywriting mistakes is focusing too much on features rather than benefits.

Features Tell, Benefits Sell.

For example,

Instead of

“Our mattress uses patented spring coil technology for superior support.”


“Sleep better and wake up refreshed every morning on our mattresses that contour to your body for personalized back support.”

Paint a picture of how the customer will feel and what they can expect by using your product. Get into their heads and tap into their deepest desires.

2. Understand Your Audience.

You can’t persuade anyone if you don’t intimately understand who you’re talking to.

Before writing, research your target audience and customer avatars.

When you embed these insights into your copy, you can craft truly resonant messages.

3. Lead With The Benefit.

Don’t make readers hunt for why they should care – tell them upfront.

Share the most intriguing, attention-grabbing benefit first, then provide the proof and social proof to back up your claim.

For example:

"Join 1 million+ professionals who use [software] to cut their workload by 50% and get home by 5pm."

Leading with the key benefit builds interest and desire so readers keep reading.

4. Use Personal Pronouns

Writing in second-person with “you” and “your” helps readers insert themselves into the storyline.

It makes your message feel like a personalized conversation rather than a sales pitch.

For example:

"You deserve to feel confident when you walk into the room during a presentation. Our public speaking coaching will transform your skills and reduce anxiety, so you can engage any audience."

5. Social Proof

Social proof builds trust and credibility using peer endorsements. Sprinkle in testimonials, customer reviews, expert opinions, case studies, and user-generated content.

For example:

"Join over 500,000 subscribers who rely on our market forecasts to make strategic investments. As featured in Bloomberg and Investor's Business Daily."

6. Urgency

Create a fear of missing out by conveying scarcity. Use time-bound offers with a ticking clock or limited inventory to prompt action.

For example:

"Flash Sale! Get 50% off subscriptions this weekend only. Sale ends Sunday at midnight."

Urgency works well in email sequences with multiple touches over time.

7. Call-To-Actions

CTAs turn interest into action.

Tell readers exactly what to do next using action words like

Make them visual with color contrast. And include at key moments throughout the copy, not just at the end.

8. Clarity Over Cleverness

Avoid overly complex or conceptual language. Use short, easy-to-scan paragraphs and bullet points when possible.

Stay focused on one message per section.

Guide readers step-by-step through your logic for optimal comprehension and retention.

9. Edit and Refine

Great copy requires meticulous editing.

Tighten up sentences for economy of language. Transition smoothly between themes. Check grammar and formatting.

Read copy out loud to catch errors and improve flow.

A/B test different versions to see what resonates most with your audience.

Keep these principles in mind as you optimize your persuasive copy.

And remember – learning copywriting takes practice.

Test and refine over time. With experience, you’ll gain an intuitive feel for what makes copy persuasive.

Now let’s get into some specific copywriting tips and formulas you can apply in your business.

The Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Formula

One proven formula for sales copy is the Problem-Agitate-Solve framework popularized by legendary marketer Eugene Schwartz. Let me show you how it works in 3 steps:

1. Present The Problem

Start by describing the client’s pain points and problems. Get specific about the negative consequences of their current situation. Use emotional language to make them feel understood.

For example, an opening for a weight loss program could say:

2. Agitate The Problem

Next, intensify their pain and anxiety around the problem. Rub salt in the wound so they clearly understand the urgent need for a solution.

For example:

"If you don't get control of your weight soon, you risk even more weight gain as your metabolism continues to slow in your 40s and 50s.

The extra pounds put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain. Is this how you want to live the rest of your life?"

3. Present The Solution

Finally, introduce your product or service as the ideal solution to their problem. Position it as the path to a better life. Use benefits-focused language that taps into their desires.

For example:

"Our 6-week rapid weight loss coaching program is the answer. Join us and safely melt up to 2-3 lbs per week of pure body fat.

Our personalized meal plans and accountability coaching give you the tools and mindset to take control of your health and self-confidence."

The Problem-Agitate-Solve formula builds desire for the solution by reminding customers of their pain points. The contrast makes your solution look even more appealing.


What are the sticking points your customer is facing?

For Example,

a chiropractor could use PAS like this
Nagging back and neck pain that keeps returning.


How does the problem negatively impact their life?

For Example,

a chiropractor could use PAS like this
Preventing you from playing with your kids or exercising without pain


How can you solve their problem differently?

The PAS framework helps craft engaging copy focused on relieving customer pain points.

AIDA Model

AIDA is a classic copywriting formula that describes the stages a customer goes through before making a purchase:


Capture Interest With A Hypnotic Headline and Lead.

For example, a car company could use the AIDA model as follows:

Introducing the 2023 Luxury Electric SUV of the Year.


Highlight Benefits That Align With Your Customer’s Needs.

For example, a car company could use the AIDA model as follows:

Never charge your car again with our world-leading solar integration.


Use Persuasive Words and Images That Get Customers Excited.

For example, a car company could use the AIDA model as follows:

Imagine the freedom to drive anywhere under the sun without a drop of gas.


Include A Clear Call-To-Action To Drive The Sale.

For example, a car company could use the AIDA model as follows:

Reserve your own solar-powered SUV today for only $99.

AIDA guides you to address the stages of your customer’s decision journey. Keep them moving closer to a purchase with each step of copy.

Before & After

The before & after copywriting formula shows the contrast between life before your product and the benefits after using it.

You can present this as a timeline, table, or chart.

The stark contrast gets customers excited for the future enjoyment and convenience your product delivers.

For example,



Paint the picture of transformation to make the value obvious.

Features, Advantages, Benefits (FAB)

This copywriting framework helps you translate product features into meaningful advantages and customer benefits.


Qualities and Specifications.

For example,

App blocks distractions during work hours.


Results or Improvements The Features Enable.

For example,

Increases daily productivity.


Value and Relevance To The Customer’s Life.

For example,

Get promoted faster by getting more done.

Breaking things down using FAB helps craft charismatic messages that speak directly to what customers care about.

The 4Ps Framework

In the world of direct response marketing and high-converting sales copy, there’s one framework that has stood the test of time.

It’s called the 4Ps formula.

Top copywriters have used this simple blueprint for generations to craft amazing promotional messages that drive action.

The 4Ps copywriting model stands for:


Make a bold guarantee or claim focused on customer desires.


Back up your promise with social proof and concrete evidence.


Create urgency with time-bound offers or limited availability.


Sum it up in a memorable, attention-grabbing headline.

By following this easy-to-remember formula, you can pack more persuasion and power into your copy without needing to reinvent the wheel.

Mix and match the elements to create promotions, ads, and lead gen offers that stop readers in their tracks and compel them to take action.

So don’t keep this proven copywriting framework to yourself – start applying the 4Ps today to boost conversions and sell like the pros!


Learning effective persuasive copywriting skill requires practice and refinement. While it may seem like magic, great copy follows proven frameworks and principles.

As you craft your own persuasive marketing messages and sales copy, keep focusing on serving the reader above all else. Lead with relevance. Guide them through reasoned arguments. Use emotions and urgency strategically but sincerely.

Testing and optimization never stop. But the keys remain constant – intimately understand your audience, tap into their desires, tell great stories, and convey value quickly.

Master these fundamentals, and your copywriting abilities will grow steadily with experience.

I hope exploring these 9 proven copywriting formulas gave you fresh inspiration and ideas to apply.

Let me know which tips resonated most or if you have any other persuasive copywriting techniques to share!

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